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Is the Executor Mismanaging Your Loved One's Estate?

It's natural to feel frustrated when someone takes advantage of your loved one's estate. You deserve to take legal action-but first, you should speak with a probate litigation attorney to ensure that you're making an informed decision.

Darron Powell, PLLC litigates probate issues for residents in El Paso, Texas. Our probate attorney can represent you if...

  • Your loved one died without a will
  • You're contesting your loved one's will
  • You're responsible for managing your ward's estate
Attorney Powell is the past president of the El Paso Probate Bar Association, so he can provide insight into your case that other attorneys can't. Contact Darron Powell today to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate attorney.

Turn to Darron Powell for peace of mind

Turn to Darron Powell for peace of mind

When you need a probate litigation attorney in El Paso, TX, choose Darron Powell to represent you. You can trust attorney Powell to...

  • Explain the probate process in detail
  • Find evidence supporting your claim
  • Provide guidance until your case is resolved
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